Couples counselling

Couples go through all kinds of seasons and changes during their relationship and sometimes it can be useful to have a safe space to talk about things.

Couples counselling may be useful to you if you are:

  • Going through a crisis, for example after an affair
  • Preparing for or considering seperation
  • Struggling with conflicts and arguments which never seem to be resolved
  • Thinking about getting married or entering a civil partnership
  • Having problems and issues in your initimate relationship
  • Dealing with the impact of alcohol problems or addictions
  • Facing difficulties as parents.

Couples counselling tends to be completed in less than ten sessions. It is often fortnightly, sometimes after an initial phase of weekly sessions. Sessions are based on learning to communicate clearly and well, and addressing emotional needs which may be unmet within the relationship. Problems in relationships can often be resolved if things can change so that both partners’ needs are being met, but sometimes it can be helpful to have support in moving on from the relationship.

Kate Hardy, Jean Harding, Jackie Howell and Dawn Hodge all offer couples counselling at the Old Surgery.


Kate Hardy or Jean Harding: £55 for a 60 minute session

Dawn Hodge or Jackie Howell: £45 for a 60 minute session